Here you can download Shenandoah

and immerse yourself with classic gaming, as in the good old days. Just click on the box in the lower right corner once more.


Up to four simultaneous players

Retro style pixelated graphics

6 Unique levels

12 ships to choose from

26 different weapons *3

8 end bosses

23 specially composed tunes

Joystick and joypad support

Level codes

World highscores

Recommended system:

1 GHz or faster

Windows XP/Vista

256 MB RAM or more

GeForce2 - 32 MB, or equivalent

DirectX 9.0c October 2006 or newer

Please follow the link below if you’re not up to date:


How to play:
Shenandoah is a straight forward ‘shoot ‘em up’ and thus pretty self explanatory. You control your ship with either your keyboard, joystick or gamepad.

Bombs are dropped by holding the fire button.

The largest ship has to be controlled by two people. One is the pilot and the other is the gunman, aiming a hair cross with the mouse.

The armory:

In the case of multiple players; you’ll enter the armory in turns, once someone closes in on the hatch of the drop ship.

Extra weapons fits in certain slots on the ships and are also manufactured for certain ship types, thus the weapons won’t fit on any ship. More over, you can power up each weapon two times.

You store all credits you earn if you don’t use them up in the armory at once.


Copyright 2013 Krister Karlsson & Douglas Kalberg, all rights reserved.